-We're here to have fun and compete together - sportsmanship and swordsmanship

-Outside weapons of any kind will NOT be permitted

-Suits, helmets, and gloves must be worn at all times during sparring

-No kicking, punching, or grabbing

-You can stop that match at any time.

-No sparring outside of the arena box

-Intentional strikes to the head are not allowed.

-Intentional strikes to the back of the body are not allowed.

-All rules are enforceable by disqualification without an opportunity for a refund.


Rules subject to change without notice.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Battlesword?

Simply put, Battlesword is a place for anyone and everyone who's ever been interested in picking up a sword to experience sword fighting with others in an engaging and fun environment. It's more way more fun than your softball league and one amazing workout.

Is it like LARP?

Not quite, Battlesword is a league that focuses on back-and-forth swordplay. We stress precise swordsmanship to destroy your opponents crystals and strong defensive swordplay to protect your own.

What's the goal here?

The object is to break "crystals" (targets) on your opponents suit while defending your own, points are awarded for each.

What types of events are there?

We have three different ways to partcipate in BSL:

1-Open battle days.  These are out signature sparring sessions open to everyone.  A full introduction to Battlesword League, plenty of time to battle others, meet new people and test your endurance.  Great for first timers and Battlesword Veterans alike.

2-Training Days - Offered at the end of each month, our training sessions offer an opportunity to learn swordsmanship from some of the best in the business. 45-minutes of swordsmanship lessons followed by a 2 hour sparring session is the ultimate starting point for someone looking to join us for the first time, but there's always something new to learn for BSL veterans. 

3- Quick Hits - Our new weekNIGHT sessions are half the time (1.5 hours) but all battle.  Forget the gym and get a Battlesword workout with one of our quick hit weeknights, designed for BSL Members and BSL veterans (previous participants) who know the ropes. 

How much experience is needed?


Can I come alone?

Absolutely, alone or in a group, Battlesword is an exciting new league to join.

Do you offer any training?

We have special swordsmanship training days with Master Joe V. (meet Joe here), which gives you the opportunity to learn swordsmanship from an international award winning martial artist and one helluva nice guy.

Do I need my own suit?

We provide absolutely everything you need on site.

What do I need to do to sign up?

All you need to do is sign up for a date at the SIGN UP page, pick a date, go to your cart to check-out, and you'll receive a detailed email prior to your event date with all of your details. We also offer membership options.

More questions? Please email us at INFO@BATTLESWORDLEAGUE.COM !